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Photos - Lost 2 Traps 3-18-2011
Please watch out for these traps and markers. Lost 2 Friday the 19th and and found the third one pulled out around the corner just outside crabbers cove. If you seen these markers please pull them they have a solid 1/2" rope and a blue Zak's 360 trap attached. The buoys are made of PVC pipe and have orange flags and red/white floats. Possibly under the seaweed, stayed the weekend but they never came up. If you see them please pull ASAP they are probably full, just trying to get my two traps back. uploaded pictures not sure if they attached. If found you can email me at d.vess@comcast.net Thanks, Darin
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Lost Trap 1  Looks like this.
Lost Trap 1 Lo...
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Lost Trap 2  Looks like this
Lost Trap 2 Lo...
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