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What about those dogs?!?

Kai and Blue have been a tremendous asset since Jeff and Val have gotten them. Jeff got Kai on the same day that I started working at the Marina (he wishes I was as easy to train as the dog). If I remember correctly he had a choice of a dog or a laptop for his birthday...Now hes got both.

Some of you may remember when or even heard rumors of when Jeff supposedly wasn’t so dog friendly at the marina… The times really are a changing! Now you can see the man and his dogs having the occasional “quiet” stroll down the docks scoopin’ up little and not-so little messes. If you ask Kailani where her presents are she will more than enthusiastically show you!

One of the more common questions that we answer is if they are full grown. The answer is yes, they are full grown. Kai and Blue are field Labradors. Which tend to be a more slender breed than that of the labs most of us are familiar with.

If you would like to know more about the specific breed or are interested in owning a field Labrador, please find more information from a friend of the marina and Kailani and Blues breeder here –

Cedar Hills Labs


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