Travel Oregon Visits Garibaldi Marina!



Recently Travel Oregon featured our very own Garibaldi Marina and Mr. Jeff Folkema himself during "Shellfish Week".

Below is taken from their website -


Shellfish Week - Week Six

"Catching your own Dungeness crab is a lot easier than you might think. For that matter, the same goes for razor clams, mussels and a whole bounty of Oregon shellfish. This week, Oregon Coast chef John Newman from Newman’s at 988 in Cannon Beach heads out on a pier in Garibaldi, grabs some Dungeness, and then hits the beach for a quintessential Oregon cookout."




We would like to thank everyone from Travel Oregon for their time spent in our area! And a really big thanks to Chef John Newman and crew for picking such a beautiful day!

You can check out the video and more of Travel Oregon on their website HERE




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